Now located in the heart of Meridian Idaho, at 1203 N. Main St., operating with Idaho Kenpo Karate.


To Inner Power Adult Ninjutsu of Boise! Our focus is adult self protection martial art study. We are not a part of MMA, UFC, Karate, or any other competition or entertainment based martial arts. We offer a new and different focus for interested active adults in the Boise area. We train with masters Stephen K. Hayes of Dayton, Ohio and Mark Sentoshi Russo of Tampa, Fl., who are direct students of Dr. Maasaki Hatsumi, the 34th generation Grandmaster of Ninjutsu! Minimum age in our training is 13, except age 11 when an adult parent or guardian is also in attendance..."training with"... with the junior student. We offer both belt rank martial art study, and personal self protection training designed to improve your self confidence as well as many physical skills to make your life more secure. Improved balance, flexibility, situational awareness and mastery of subtle movement are among the many benefits of our training. Best of all, you are able to check us out for free. Give us a call, set up a time, and come in to experience what we offer, with no obligation. Just be ready to learn and have fun!

Stop in and see us!

Al Rentoshi Kleinkauf
Kancho, Inner Power Adult Ninjutsu